Live 360 Video Stitching and Streaming for Cinematic Virtual Reality

4K 60fps 3D Live Stitching
Multi-band and Linear Blending
Alignment with Hugin or PTGui Template
Projection Optimization
H.264 & H.265 Encoding & Streaming
Multiple Output (File /HLS / RTMP / SDI / etc)
GPU Acceleration
Windows / Linux

ROI-based Video Encoder for Cinematic Virtual Reality and Regular Videos

Interactive Region-of-Interest (ROI) Analysis
Mutiple Bitrate for Adaptive Streaming
H.264 AVC & H.265
GPU Acceleration
Windows / Linux / Mac

Professional 3D-360 Video Stitching

- Seamless Stereoscopic 3D-360 Video
- Stereo Computational Photography on the Cloud
- 4K/6K/8K Output
- Multiple Cameras/Rigs Compatible
- Local Live (3D) Preview via OwlLive

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